Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Island of Misfit Toys and The Church

Since our little church began meeting together I have always dreamed of a church where misfits feel welcome. The people who couldn't make it on their own out in society and God used that truth to bring them to Himself. The early church was a place for "misfits" as well. Uneducated fishermen, hated tax collectors, lepers, and prostitutes are among those who found refuge in Christ and his people early on.

Some of us were misfits before Christ (social outcasts) and some of us never experienced being a misfit until Jesus called us out of the world we thrived in. Either way the Church of Jesus Christ is made up of misfits who have been redeemed by the love of God in Jesus and we rejoice in our fellowship with Him and each other as we press on to heaven.