Friday, February 17, 2017

Simplifying the Mere Christianity of C.S. Lewis (Part 4)

"The only packet I am allowed to open is Man. When I do, especially when I open that particular man called Myself, I find that I do not exist on my own, that I am under a law; that somebody or something wants me to behave in a certain way. I do not, of course, think that if I could get inside a stone or a tree I should find exactly the same thing."  -C.S. Lewis

Even the most atheistic scientists admit things "appear to be designed, but aren't." I'm okay with that being as far as they are willing to go on the subject. Science can never prove God nor was it meant to be a proof in the logical or mathematical sense. Rather, the universe gives the appearance of design and my conscience is the guide that speaks to me and tells me of a Law that must be given by a Lawgiver.