Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Simplifying the Mere Christianity of C.S. Lewis (Part 9: The Final Part)

"We are told that Christ was killed for us, that His death has washed out our sins, and that by dying He disabled death itself. That is the formula. That is Christianity. That is what has to be believed.

If you think of a debt, there is plenty of point in a person who has some assets paying it on behalf of someone who has not. Or if you take "paying the penalty," not in the sense of being punished, but in the more general sense of "standing the racket" or "footing the bill," then, of course, it is a matter of common experience that, when one person has got himself into a hole, the trouble of getting him out usually falls on a kind friend." -C.S. Lewis

This will conclude the series, because this is the culmination of his reasoning. It left him believing in the work of Jesus Christ as the Son of God. It left him as not an atheist, not a deist, but a Christian. I have left out his downplaying of the mechanism of the atonement as not being very important. I think him being a part of the Church of England had a negative impact on his understanding here. What I put up above is true, and I think shows that Lewis had it right, but he just didn't understand how important it was to have that right. So we conclude without forgetting that the best men are men at best.