Thursday, December 6, 2012

Who are they?

I decided to create this blog on the same day that I decided to read a biography on every United States' President. I am a 20 year old college student at the University of Missouri studying to be a high school history teacher. I am also a Christian and can't help that when reading through a biography of important leaders of the past their faith always intrigues me. This blog is not only an outlet for my love of history but it is also a response to a felt need for in depth information on the faith of our "leaders". Who were these men really? Did they believe in any god? Were they moral? Did they ever crack open a Bible? How much did their faith influence their leadership? So that is the purpose, now let's talk about the strategy.

I am not going to read biographies that focus specifically on the religious leanings of each president because not all of those books exist and  not all of the ones that do exist will be very entertaining to read. Instead, I will be choosing the best reviewed biographies and assume that the faith of said president will be evident through their actions, character and dialogue (speeches, letters, etc). The posts will be one (or more) per president and focus around the spiritual life of the man. We also want to avoid bashing men who were not of the faith and focusing only on their failures while focusing only on the success of Christian presidents; historiography dictates that we remain without bias and give credit to good leadership when it is due and mistakes as well: Christian or not. Yet, if the man seems to be a follower of Christ and exemplifies a Christian leader then praise the Lord!

PS: Suggestions on biographies and events that you would like to see mentioned are very welcome.