Monday, February 18, 2013

Baby Boxes: More Frequent than We Might Think

So I posted the video below thinking "Wow, what a novel and caring idea!". However, when I got into my car and headed to work tonight I heard a story on NPR about the spread of "baby boxes" in Europe and apparently they are not loved by all! I Some people feel that these boxes aren't truly helping struggling mothers but allowing them to give up instead of providing the resources they really need to succeed. Still further is the argument that these boxes are so anonymous that it violates the child's right to know their parents. The story does a great job of showing both viewpoints and the pro-baby-boxers say that the right to life must be ensured first and foremost. Listen to the story in the link below and weigh the alternatives for yourself.

Click here for the news story by NPR it's pretty short and covers a lot of information. Who knows, we might see them start popping up here in the states soon.